RC31 has successfully completed the “Smart Acoustic Furniture” project

RC31 d.o.o., together with the consortium partner Alples d.d., implemented the project “Smart Acoustic Furniture”, co-financed by MGRT and ERDF through the Public Call for Incentives for Research and Development Projects (TRL 6-9). The project lasted 24 months and ended in September 2018.

As part of the project, elements were developed to improve acoustics in the office environment. Open-type offices are known as a particularly noisy and acoustically demanding work environment. In addition, the dynamics of the work are such that the solutions must be modular – they are constantly and quickly adapted to the needs of the work process. Thus, we have developed a Modular Acoustic System (MAS), which is intended for the partitioning of workplaces in the office as well as in the home environment and offers an extremely high level of sound absorption. The system acts as a system of partition walls, wall elements and partitions on the workbench. As part of the development project, we also developed smart acoustic elements, which are intended for flexible control of the sound field in the low frequency range. Such elements are especially useful in studio spaces and rooms intended for music reproduction. After the completion of the project, activities for the preparation and implementation of market entry began.