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The Research Centre of the Creative Furniture Industry (RC31) relates and upgrades the research and development resources and competences and creates the necessary synergies for the Slovenian wood furniture industry aiming at breaking through to the international high value added product market in the field of interior design and sustainable culture of living in the context of sustainable development and low carbon society.

It was founded by ambitious and future-oriented companies and entrepreneurs that have joined their visions, ambitions and resources in cooperation with knowledge holders and support institutions.

RC31 deals with research and development projects, resulting in the product samples, promoting the use of wood as Slovenian sustainable raw material and encouraging development of high value added products, top design and high-quality production. The centre will also provide the training and counselling services, including studies and analyses, as well as a variety of services to support the planning and implementation of development investments in enterprises. It will build on the new development approaches, new structures and new methods of production, using eco-technologies, eco-materials, eco transport logistics systems, as well as on education of demanding, sustainable consumer.

The RC31 ambition is to become the core development centre of Slovenian creative furniture industry.




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Operacija "Pametno akustično pohištvo": »Naložbo sofinancirata Republika Slovenija in Evropska unija iz Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj«. Trajanje: 24 mesecev. Vrednost javnega sofinanciranja operacije 308.725 EUR.


Operacijo RC 31 delno financira Evropska unija iz Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj. Operacija se izvaja v okviru Operativnega program krepitve regionalnih razvojnih potencialov za obdobje 2007-2013, 1. razvojne prioritete: Konkurenčnost podjetij in raziskovalna odličnost, prednostne usmeritve 1.1. Izboljšanje konkurenčnih sposobnosti podjetij in raziskovalna odličnost.