Flat-pack furniture range

The living room furniture range follows the guidelines of modern design and the furniture is made from environmentally acceptable materials. It is available in several colour combinations and a wide selection of elements boasts a specially designed and protected decorative trim, which is a design feature of the programme.

Bedroom 1 offer a wide selection of shapes and colours, allowing the users to create their own bedrooms, where they feel pleasantly comfortable and relaxed. The cupboards can be placed in a single line or there is a choice of angled cupboards or cupboards with the sliding door. The interior of the cupboard offers an array of useful elements. The materials used are top quality and they guarantee a long and perfect operation.

Bedroom 2 in light oak decor may be entirely in oak or using elements of the combination of oak and magnolia, also with a detail of a pink color to achieved livelier appearance ambience. Specialty are wooden handles that extend over the entire length of the doors and drawers.

The kitchen in a rustic, country style with frame konstruction of fronts and interesting wood-based decors in natural and gray oak. In rural kitchen wood decor often is combined with one of the colors, but may be the whole kitchen in this color. The colors are various treatments, both in matte than glossy versions.


Dining room furniture
The dining room sets and chairs are based on modern trends of rounded shapes, simple lines and circles. A special system of fixing the tabletop has been developed. The latest findings of ergonomics and ecology have been considered, as well as the modern tools and design and prototyping programmes.


Office furniture
The new range of office furniture offers the furniture which encourages positive thought and thus directly influences the well-being of employees and increases productivity in the workplace. The main emphasis of the operational range is the colour which inspires positive thought, while the focus of the managerial furniture range is on the elegance that you feel immediately after entering the room.


Wall Furniture upholstery
A brand new line of upholstered furniture under the trademark »Wall Furniture« has been developed. The furniture can be applied to the wall or used as freestanding elements “Big Apple”. The furniture allows the integration of mobile devices in terms of their docking platform, as there are quite some integrated electronic components in the furniture, allowing connection to mobile phones or tablets (Apple iPhone, iPad). Big apple – How it works

Upholstered furniture assembled according to the user’s preferences!


Innovative solid wood furniture
Innovative, unique, daring and sophisticated designer products that combine long tradition of the mastery of manual solid wood processing, modern design and eco-guidelines.


Furniture for all generations
During the first phase of the project, we have created the items of equipment and spacial design tailored to the needs and desires of people over 65. Our target groups are individual consumers, wood furniture industry, investors and the owners of public facilities used by third age people.

In the second phase, we designed furniture tailored to the needs of adolescents and children.


Registered intellectual property rights

  • Design: Serving plates, OAMI No: 002148965-0001
  • Design: Modular furniture systems, OAMI No: 002148973-0001
  • Design: Chiropodists’ chairs, OAMI No: 002148999-0001
  • Design: Leaning devices, OAMI No: 002149021-0001
  • Design: Sofabeds, OAMI No: 002149047-0001
  • Design: Furniture legs, WIPO No: DM/079452
  • Design: Furniture doors, WIPO No: DM/079058
  • Design: Modular furniture elements, OHIM No: 002368530-0001
  • Design: Children chairs, OHIM No: 002368506-0001
  • Design: Children’s furniture, OHIM No: 002368431-0001
  • Design: Children’s furniture, OHIM No: 002368316-0001
  • Design: Other amusement and entertainement articles, OHIM No: 002368134-0001
  • Design: Furniture parts, OHIM No: 002501254-0001
  • Model: Wall stools, OHIM No: 001941659
  • Design: Magnet Design, OHIM No.: 013276399-0001
  • Design: Cameleon, OHIM No.: 013364501-0001
  • Design: Cube, OHIM No.: 013365176-0001
  • Design: Big Apple, OHIM No.: 013367941-0001


New enterprises / spin-off

  • Visto d.o.o.
  • Magnet design d.o.o.
  • KLASIKA, d.o.o.
  • M JEDILNICA d.o.o.

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