Development and optimization of coatings
The purpose of the project is to encourage the furniture producers to start a high-quality but affordable eco-friendly furniture surface treatment using the coatings. The aim of the project is the development of 6 eco-friendly coating systems, applicable to surface treatment of flat, solid wood and fancy furniture.

We develope on:
1) Optimization of PU lacquers and enamels for combined coating system
2) Development and optimization of 1K UV, water based coating system
3) Development and optimization of 1K water based coating system
4) Developing 2K water and UV-water based coatings
5) Optimisation of water stains on various substrates and applications
6) Optimization of Bio-oils and waxes
7) Optimization and testing of coatings

Finalized tasks:

  • High quality combined coating system for flat furniture, which consists of water or UV-water foundation and poliurethane lacquer or enamel. The advantage of the system is approx. 50% reduction of the emission of organic solvents as compared with the conventional coating system based on organic solvents.
  • High gloss 1K UV water based enamel for direct application on flat furniture without the use of special foundation, which is a world first.
  • 1K UV water-based foundation and the final enamel for application on flat furniture
  • Bio-oils and waxes with prolonged release of the microencapsulated flavoring

In the process of being finalized:

  • 1K water-based foundation and final for hand-lacquered low-end chairs
  • 2K water-based foundation and final coating for chairs and 2K UV water-based enamel for flat futniture
  • Water stains on the surface furniture and chairs
  • Optimimizationa and testing of coatings in real conditions

Registered intellectual property rights

  • Patent: Glossy one-component UV aqueous enamel and use thereof for protection of melamine coated surfaces, EPO No. 27494613
  • Trade Mark: BIO HELIOSCENT Sense of beauty in your furniture, OAMI No.: 013077383
  • Trade Mark: HELIOSCENT, OAMI No.: 013077318

New enterprises / spin-off

  • HELIOS eko les, d.o.o.
  • Lakero, d.o.o.

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