Operation Title: RC 31 – Center of creative furniture industry
Name of the beneficiary: RC 31 Development Center of creative furniture industry doo
The amount of the total cost of operations: € 8,785,925.27
The amount of public funding: € 4.912.979.00
Date of commencement and end of the operation in terms of the decision to grant: 02/01/2011 – 31/12/2014
Contact person who gives information on the implementation of operation: Bernard Likar, Director of Operation

A brief description of the operation:
The RC31 key business areas are the development of new furniture products, the development of high-quality organic surface treatment of furniture and visualisation and improved e-models.

The RC31 is approaching its vision in three phases. The main priority of the first phase was institutionalization, while in the second phase of operation (2012-2013) our priority was dedicated to achieving concrete results of the planned research and development programmes. The priority of the third phase is establishment of RC31 as the core development centre of Slovenian creative furniture industry and ensuring its long-term growth. At this stage we execute the strategic plan for the period 2015-2020, prepared on the basis of the achieved results, know-how and assessment of market potentials.

RC31 deals with research and development projects, resulting in the product samples, promoting the use of wood as Slovenian sustainable raw material and encouraging development of high value added products, top design and high-quality production.

The centre will also provide the training and counselling services, including studies and analyses, as well as a variety of services to support the planning and implementation of development investments in enterprises. It will build on the new development approaches, new structures and new methods of production, using eco-technologies, eco-materials, eco transport logistics systems, as well as on education of demanding, sustainable consumer.

The RC31 project is one of the 17 projects selected under the programme of the Slovenian Economy Development Centres (2011-2014). The purpose of the Slovenian Economy Development Centres is the support of the projects that include both, research and development and the necessary equipment, as well as other infrastructure allowing the development of the enterprises, their competences and long-term basis for economical growth and development, the projects that will allow the technological breakthrough in areas with the existing critical mass of knowledge in Slovenia. The Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the ERDF co-fund 17 projects (total value of projects € 425,483,576, expected value of the co-funding € 179,581,344);


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Operacija “Pametno akustično pohištvo”: »Naložbo sofinancirata Republika Slovenija in Evropska unija iz Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj«. Trajanje: 24 mesecev. Vrednost javnega sofinanciranja operacije 308.725 EUR.