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RC 31 – Center for Creative Furniture Industry, Public tender DCSE, MEDT (2011-2014)

Development project by connecting the development capacities of Slovenian furniture companies. Within the project, 8 furniture programs and concepts, 7 new and improved surface coating systems and a software module for furniture visualization were developed. 7 spin-off companies were established for product marketing and 14 models, 6 trademarks and 2 patents were registered. The project connected 9 production companies and three organizations.

Smart acoustic furniture, Public tender for research and development projects (TRL 6-9), MEDT (2016-2018)

As part of the project, a modular acoustic system (MAS) was developed to improve acoustics in the office environment. MAS is designed to partition jobs in the office environment and offers an extremely high level of sound absorption. The system acts as a system of partition walls, wall elements and partitions on the workbench. In addition, smart acoustic elements have been developed to flexibly control the sound field in the low frequency range. Such elements are especially useful in studio rooms and rooms intended for music reproduction. The project was implemented in partnership with company Alples d.d.

RC 31 d.o.o. is the recipient of the GoinGreenGlobal Award given under the A.L.I.C.E. International Design Week GoingGreenGlobal 2016.

7th Framework program, international development project FREEFOAM (2013-2016)

International FP7 project aimed at developing a new process for the production of PU foam by reducing the concentration of free isocyanate using functional isocyanate microencapsulation technology.